Our state-of-the-art facility is located  in Suzhou, Shandong and Wuxi Province, China .

  • Compliance with ISO9001, ISO22000, Star-K Kosher and GMP
  • Factory space 50000 square meters
  • 100,000 level purification of GMP standard workshop

We are continuous in the development our technology and expanding our production capacity to meet the need and demands of our customers.

Packaging and Logistic

PharmHe offers efficient and effective packaging solutions along with a variety of choice and flexibility: fibre drums, paper carton, plastic bags, or aluminium foil.



Our manufacturing site is in full compliance with the existing quality standards system and is verified as ISO22000, Kosher, and GMP. We have a thorough quality monitoring system that covers raw materials all the way to finished product shipment.



Our specialists in Research and Development cover innovation on new product development, technology advancement, and continuous improvement on existing quality and efficiency.