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PharmHe Global Corp

PharmHe Global Corp offers comprehensive biological, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Nutrition materials and services.

PharmHe Global Corp team is made up of staff with strong biological and pharmaceutical background, combining our technical expertise with significant experience in the biological, pharmaceutical, and nutrition industries, we are able to  provide customized services to our clients around the world.

We have offices, warehouses and manufacturers operating in Europe , Asia and USA.

Our signature products and services include:

  • R&D and customized production for Recombinant Protein, Anti-bodies and Big Molecular Protein entity.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Amino Acids, Pea Protein, SOD, Choline, Betaine, DMAE, which are widely used in Clinical/Medical nutrition and Infant formulas.

PharmHe also provides technology driven material science services, such as encapsulation, solubility and stability enhancement, mixing, formulation and technology transferring, and material characterization.

Our business model is Manufacturer to Customer, which allows us to maximize effectiveness in cost, communication, and technical development. Innovation, quality and service are our core beliefs. Our key services also include connecting the global market to the expanding Chinese market through MtC service, customized manufacturing, technological development, and new business partnerships.

Your Expectation is our Expertise


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