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is an international operational company which offers comprehensive service and products. PharmHe and its manufacturer have specialized in manufacturing nutraceuticals, fine chemicals, API, formulation service since 1989.

PharmHe’s team combines strong technical expertise with significant experience in the international chemical, pharmaceutical, and nutritional ,personal care & food industries, enabling us to provide customized service to our clients around the world. Our client base expands throughout the USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and South America.

We have a long history in custom manufacturing and joint venture enterprises, starting with our first Choline plant in China with Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals decades ago. Our production is strictly monitored in accordance with ISO9001, ISO22000, and GMP, and we continuously endeavour to consistently maintain our high standards.

The top products PharmHe offers are Choline, Betaine, DMAE derivatives and full list of amino acid, in addition to new developments through our Research & Development branch. As one of the leading suppliers of Choline and amino acid products, we have patented a proprietary film-coating technology which can enhance taste masking, shelf-life and manufacturability. The pre-blended Choline product, along with an anti-caking agent enables our clients to meet customized specifications and to improve the formulation process.

Our business model is Manufacturer to Customer, which allows us to maximize effectiveness in cost, communication, and technical development. Innovation, quality and service are our core beliefs. Our key services also include connecting the global market to the expanding Chinese market through MtC service, customized manufacturing, technological development, and new business partnerships.

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